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The Psychology of Colors and Their Meanings

Royal Blue Color: Symbolism, Meaning & Psychology


What color is royal blue?

Royal blue is a deep and vivid color of blue. It is believed it was made by clothiers in Rode, Somerset.

The Oxford English Dictionary describes “royal blue” to be “a deep, vivid blue,” while Cambridge English Dictionary defines it as “a strong bright blue color,” and Collins English Dictionary further defines it as being “a deep blue color.” The US dictionary gives it further towards purple (e.g., “a deep, vivid reddish or purplish-blue” (Webster’s New World College Dictionary) or “a vivid purplish-blue” (Merriam-Webster).

Many people started to think of royal blue as a brighter, more vivid color. It was this brighter version that was chosen for the web color “royal blue”. The web colors, which were originally created in 1987, were previously known as the X11 shades. The World Wide Web Consortium has designated “royal blue”, a keyword, to be a more vibrant color than the traditional darker royal blue.

Cree Inc. uses Royal Blue for light-emitting diodes within the wavelength range of 450-465 nm, which is slightly shorter than the regular blue range (465-485 nm).

The history and evolution of royal blue

In 1810-1820, the first time “royal Blue” was used. The “royal”, in royal blue, comes from England. It is believed that the color was made for Queen Charlotte’s competition (1744-1818).

The name of the color actually has seen its shade change over time. Before the 1950s and 1960s, royal blue was considered to have a darker hue. The World Wide Web Consortium, which is the international organization for web standards, matched this brighter shade with its RGB code in the late 1980s to give it the name “Royal Blue.”

“Queen-blue” and “imperial” are lesser-known forms of royal blue. Queen Blue is a medium-toned royal blue. Imperial Blue is darker and closer to the navy.

Because of its connection to British history, the color royal blue features on the United Kingdom’s Flag, which is called the Union Jack.


Royal Blue: The Meaning

Because of its historical connection to the British throne, the color royal blue is associated with royalty. This makes it an attractive choice for formal outfits, such as suits and bridesmaids’ dresses.

According to color psychology and trustworthiness, blue can be associated with reliability. On the other hand, blue can be associated with depression. Because royal blue is a bright, vivid color, it is less likely that this impression will be made.

Other common associations with blue include tranquility–blue is the hue of the sky as well as the ocean. These colors both promote feelings of calm, so the color blue is thought to have the same effect.

Psychology of Royal Blue

A few things can be attributed to the color Blue in psychology. It’s often used in business logos as it represents trust and reliability. It can also represent sadness. The term “feeling blue” refers, as a generalization, to feelings of sadness or depression. It can also represent calm and peace. It can also be used to symbolize the color of the sky or ocean.

Incredibly formal

It is no surprise that royal blue is so formal, given its ties with high-profile individuals. It follows all rules to the T and has impeccable etiquette. In fact, royal blue is very sensitive to childish behaviors. If you behave uncivilized around royal blue, expect to be criticized. Royal blue might seem stiff and overbearing to some. This color does not have a good name.


You can have complete faith in the color blue. It won’t be broken. This is the royal blue’s way to build strong connections. Royal blue makes people feel safe. It’s obvious that royal blue doesn’t hold. Royal blue will help you to get what you need.

A Color You Can Count On

You can’t go wrong with royal blue if you are looking for someone to lend a hand. This cheerful hue will never fail to make you feel loved. Royal blue believes in treating others the way it would treat its own. This is why you will find it encouraging and give support to all. Royal blue is reliable in all situations. No matter what type of hardship you’re facing, royal blue will help you find your way through it all.


Royal blue acts as a positive presence when stress occurs. It can bring calmness to any place it is placed. To brighten up an environment, add a royal to the color scheme. This deep shade has a tranquil quality. According to color psychology, royal blue is so calm because it reminds people of the ocean. If you seek peace and relaxation, surround yourself in royal blue.

Related to Depression

Although it is not common for people to say they have “the royal blues”, any shade of the color blue is associated as a sign of sadness. People who have anxiety or depression should be wary of this color. Royal blue does not like that it has this effect on people. Royal blue is determined to overcome this terrible quality.


It can sometimes feel as though you are getting a hug from someone wearing royal blue. This warm, compassionate color goes to great effort to understand people’s struggles. It’s not selfish and does not have any ulterior motives. This allows people to show vulnerability in front of royal blue. Royal blue will provide both validation and safety.


Royal blue believes there is a place and time to express your feelings. Royal blue is a reminder to individuals to remain focused in professional settings. In certain situations, royal blue may allow its emotions to be suppressed in order to set an example. While this is not always the most healthy way of living, royal blue is a strong advocate for this belief.

How to use the royal blue

Royal blue is a versatile shade. Because blue is associated with trust and reliability, it is often used as a business logo.

This vivid color can be used as an accent in a subdued scheme. Pair it with orange or lime green if you prefer something more dramatic.

Royal blue is a beautiful color that can be used as a bold pop of color in clothing. It will suit most skin tones. In interior design, royal can be balanced by neutral tones of ivory and champagne.

What colors can be paired with royal blue?

Royal blue is an eye-catching and versatile color. Royal blue’s bright hue can make it too intense when paired alongside certain shades of red. Royal blue works well with orange, which is its complementing color on the color wheel. These colors pair well with royal blue:

  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • Offwhite
  • Green
  • Hot pink

Similar colors to royal blue

Do you want a different shade? These colors are related to royal blue.

  • Blue-grey
  • Navy
  • Dark blue
  • Royal blue
  • Misty

Variation of royal blue color

Royal blue can also be called Imperial Blue or Queen Blue. They are also known as the less-known variant of royal blue.

Imperial Blue (a darker shade) is royal blue. Queen Blue (a relatively light shade) is medium in the shade with submissive sounds.

Royal Blue: Shades and Gradients

The addition of black color to any hue creates a shade, and however, tinting is created when white is added to any color. A gradient can be described as a visual effect where one color gradually transitions to another. The color gradient allows you to specify the beginning and ending points for each color. Modern designs require the use of gradients.


Color conversion


The hexadecimal color #4169e1 has RGB values of R: 25.5, G: 41.2, B: 88.2 and CMYK values of C: 0.71, M: 0.53, Y: 0, K:0.12.


Royal blue (traditional)
    Color coordinates
Hex triplet #002366
sRGBB (r, g, b) (0, 35, 102)
HSV (h, s, v) (219°, 100%, 40%)
CIELChuv (L, C, h) (16, 44, 260°)
Source The Mother of All HTML Colo(u)r Charts[1]
ISCC–NBS descriptor Deep blue


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