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Psychological Meanings of Colors – The Color Psychology

The Psychology of Colors and Their Meanings

Psychology of Mauve Color and Meaning


The neutral palest purple mauve (rhymes “grove”) is a gray-toned color. The Latin Malva refers to a common plant that produces light purple blooms. Malva developed into the French mauve. The French name refers to the exact same flower, which is also known in English as mallow. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Mauve became an official color name in the late 1700s. The English mallow was also used, but mauve is still the preferred name.

What is the Story Behind Color Mauve?

Historians refer to Mauve color often as the color which changed the world. Why? William Henry Perkin was an inquisitive young student. Perkin discovered a synthetic dye that was intensely purple in his search to cure malaria in 1856. He named it Mauveine.

Perkin’s mauve, also known as Perkin, is a color that democratized purple. Purple was once associated only with royalty. Soon, you could see garments in mauve in the most exclusive houses in Paris and London. The mauveine aesthetic was championed by Queen Victoria, Empress Eugenie, and other high-ranking politicians. Perkin’s mauve discovery was so successful in commercial sales that it became the “mauve century.”

It was a tremendous boost for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, but the most crucial application to Perkin’s discovery is in medical research. Perkin’s mauve enabled scientists like Walther Flemming (Robert Koch) and Paul Ehrlich, respectively to color cells and study them, to find the tuberculosis virus, and to come up with chemotherapy.


Mauve is perfect for people who love purple but prefer a subtler and more neutral color. Mauve retains many of the characteristics and attributes of purple, but it is less intense, less strong, and less prominent.

Mauve is an interior design choice that would require some unconventional decisions. One motivator for unconventional thinking might be the desire to be different. Their ability to express their needs and preferences would be crucial.

High in the trait of openness, it can indicate a love for aesthetics or perhaps artistic desire. It would indicate a love of elegance and luxury with no attention.

Wearing Mauve

Mauve would be a sign of a reserved but expressive temperament. They are highly intuitive, prefer abstract ideas, and are not practical. It could mean that they don’t focus on the current moment, are often distracted by the past or future, or don’t pay attention to fashion and trends. Their personal style and preferences take precedence. This is expected if mauve was trending in interior design and fashion.

What Does the Mauve Color Mean?

Its royal splendor was somewhat marred by the abundance of mauve apparel in the latter part of the 19th century. The mauve color, however, is a symbol both of sophisticated taste as well as nobility.

The meaning of the mauve color has been rediscovered with a lot of nostalgia. It is associated with romance, valor, knighthood, and idealism. Mauve color is a universally used color in interior design as well as wedding invitations. This feminine grounded color intrigues people and enchants them.

According to color psychology and originality of thought, mauve means openness, creative ambition, spontaneity, effortless elegance, and artistic ambition. It’s also the most popular color for daydreamers, eccentrics, and individualists, as with all shades of purple.

Mauve Color Combinations

You can use colors that are compatible with mauves, blacks, whites, maroons, and burgundy in interior design. Tan and some shades of brown can also be used well.

Personality: If mauve is your favorite color,

You are reserved and introverted. You enjoy abstract, unproven concepts and being an idealist thinker. You are interested in spiritual and mystical topics and possess great intuition. Your self-expression is important, and you might have strong artistic and creative ambitions.

You don’t want to be famous or achieve high social standing. You are compassionate and can suppress your feelings.

Abstract thinker

Mauve believes that even though conventionalism has its place, a little innovation can make a big difference. Mauve appreciates and entertains new ideas. Mauve will always appreciate your unique views and opinions. This is especially important for those who are frequently marginalized or rejected because of the way they think.

Self-love Advocate

Mauve believes that self-care can be effective. Mauve believes in the efficacy of self-care. This uplifting hue urges others to look after themselves. Mauve can help you if you are struggling with this. Mauve claims that society isn’t cruel enough. Even if others aren’t kind to us we can still be kind towards ourselves. Mauve can help you find the most beautiful and best parts of your personality.

Highly intuitive

Mauve suffers few illusions. It has a strong gut instinct which it relies on. Mauve has a deep sixth sense which is great for understanding and peace. Ask mauve for help if you desire to reach out to your second sight. This stunningly inspiring hue blends wisdom with nurture to inspire others.

A Caring Colour

Mauve embodies compassion. Mauve is a compassionate and understanding animal that will never judge or offend you if you present a problem. It is a source of understanding and security. People who are sensitive feel a great deal of comfort around this color. If you are not sensitive to your emotions, it may be not easy to understand why mauve is this way.


Mauve is a reserved color, but it’s also quiet. It’s a great listener, and it’s why it’s so quiet. Mauve isn’t an everyday companion for socially connected people. Mauve wants to get to know people, and it’s just not true. Unfortunately, this private shade prefers to stay to itself. If you have a negative experience with mauve, don’t be discouraged.


It is often considered a neutral color by some, which explains why it is so modest. This color is not pretentious. This makes mauve more appealing. Mauve will never boast about its achievements. It doesn’t like being the focus of attention.

Encourages Spiritual Thinking

Religion is interesting and worth exploring. This is the belief mauve believes in wholeheartedly. Mauve encourages people to reconnect with their spiritual side. Mauve believes this is how we can find the meaning and purpose of life. Mauve doesn’t believe there’s one right way to do things. Everybody will come up with their own conclusions. Mauve believes that diversity is beautiful.


Mauve exudes a sense of wonder and childlike innocence. This color can be both youthful and attractive. One could even say mauve is timeless. Similar to purple, mauve can be lively and vibrant. It is a captivating color that captivates people with its intrigue. These influences can easily be compared to the influence of a child.

A keen motivator

Mauve will support you in achieving your goals if you have one. This supportive hue makes it possible to realize our dreams. It enjoys seeing others succeed. Mauve will give you a helping hand, encouragement, or inspiration. Making friends with mauve will give you confidence boosts.

Color coordinates

Mauve (mallow)


Color coordinates

Hex triplet


sRGBB (r, g, b)

(224, 176, 255)

HSV (h, s, v)

(276°, 31%, 100%)

CIELChuv (L, C, h)

(79, 61, 290°)


Maerz and Paul

ISCC–NBS descriptor

Brilliant purple


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